The cost of adding a Carousel end point just got lower!


Tightrope Media systems just lowered the cost of adding an end point (which is another way of saying “additional location”) to an existing Carousel digital signage system. If you have a channel of content running in a location, and you simply want to show the same content in a different location, be it another floor, or a different room, or even a different building in a far away city. Tightrope now offers what we call Carousel Player License with a list Price of $325, which is paired with Carousel Player 250 hardware at a list price of $1,200, and the two of them together will enable an existing channel to be shown in a different location as long as there is an Internet connection. So for a total list price of $1,525, you can add a location for an existing channel.

This greatly reduces the price of adding an additional Carousel end point and makes it much more comparable to other forms of distribution such as twisted-pair and streaming. It also eliminates the cost of running additional cabling because if there is an Internet connection handy, that and power are all that are needed to connect the player to the digital signage network. An additional advantage is that a player can be upgraded any time to run a separate channel, by simply purchasing an additional channel license. The ability to upgrade in this fashion is not possible with other methods of distribution.