Six ways your Cablecast buying experience is going to improve


When you just need a simple one stop shop for toilet paper, allergy medicine and ground beef on your way home from work, a generalist is fine. When you’re buying a piece of hardware to act as the brain and muscles of your broadcast operation for the next 5 years or more, you need a specialist.

That's why as Tightrope and its respective product lines continue to grow in different directions, we have created a team to focus specifically on Cablecast. The Cablecast team will be specifically focused on PEG broadcast development, sales, training and support. The sales and marketing team is fully in place, and now that it is complete, we’re excited to announce the Cablecast sales and marketing team:

Steve Israelsky, President, Cablecast

Randy Visser, Cablecast Sales Manager, East Coast and Great Lakes (view map)

Elliot Wesen, Cablecast Sales Manager, West Coast and South (view map)

Grayson Vangen, Cablecast Sales Engineer

Shawn McHenry, Cablecast Inside Sales Manager

Michelle Alimoradi, Cablecast Marketing Manager

Our team has a wealth of experience working with the broadcast market we serve, including many years of direct experience working at PEG stations across the country and dealing with the unique issues they face each day. Here's a little about each of our team members:

Steve Israelsky has been broadcast-focused fixture on the Tightrope Team for the past 11 years. He started out in community productions at Roger’s Cable in Southern California and went on to become the first Executive Director at what is now Arlington Independent Media in Virginia. He served on the board of the NFLCP, the predecessor of the Alliance for Community Media and also spent several years in affiliate relations for cable networks including USA Networks and The International Channel.

Randy Visser has over 30 years of experience in community media and broadcasting, including his early advocacy for Community Cable Channels (PEG) in the 80s. Over that span, he has served as a station manager, trainer, engineer, content producer, educator and board member. He also spent many years as a consultant designing control rooms, playback systems, studios and remote "fly-pac" systems.

Elliot Wesen also has a 30 year history in broadcast production and engineering, having served as production engineer, remote engineer & live event technical director at KTSM-TV & KVIA-TV in El Paso, TX. He was also a Regional Sales Manager for Synergy Broadcast Systems for 15 years.

Grayson Vangen has been on the Tightrope team for 11 years with a primary focus on the Cablecast product line. He served as a support technician, trainer and systems commissioner before becoming our lead sales engineer. At this point, Grayson has commissioned more broadcast systems for PEG channels than we can count and is committed to ensuring that each install goes smoothly as possible.

Shawn McHenry grew up in Concord, New Hampshire and began volunteering in community media at age 13. In addition to his degree in information technology, he also spent over four years on staff at Concord Community Television before he moved to Minneapolis to join the Tightrope Team.

Michelle Alimoradi has been involved in community media for the past decade. She started as a community radio producer and instructor at KFAI in Minneapolis. She also served in community outreach and online distribution for St. Paul Neighborhood Network in Minnesota and Democracy Now! in New York City. She has been a member of the Alliance for Community Media since 2011 and has served on the national board since 2014.

Please join us in welcoming our newest team members Randy and Elliot! Our whole team is excited to move forward with this new focus to serve you better.

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