Pro-Tips: Creating a twitter bulletin in Carousel


Creating a twitter bulletin in Carousel is much like creating an RSS bulletin, with a few minor differences.

Step One: Choose the zone you wish to see your twitter bulletin displayed in.

Step Two: Click on New Bulletin / Dynamic / RSS Bulletin

Step Three: At the top of this page you will see RSS Feed URL:

Use this code below and replace xxxxx with your Twitter username to use your Twitter RSS Feed: (Where xxxxx is the username.)

For example, the Tightrope twitter url looks like this:!/trms If I take the end part of that url and replace the x’s above I will have my RSS twitter feed for Carousel. The final URL I plug into Carousel will look like this:

After making sure the rest of the settings are to your liking, click continue.

Step Four: Be sure you have the following fields in your bulletin:





If there are any other fields besides these ones, click on the edit icon and go into the bulletin.

For example, I don’t need #ItemTitle# below.  Select the field you want to delete and click on delete under options.

Step Five: Follow the directions to save your bulletin and voila, you’ve got yourself an RSS twitter feed running on your channel.