New Channels for Carousel


Does your digital signage or community bulletin board need a face lift? TRMS doesn’t do Botox but we can give you a fresh new look! The creative team added 4 new horizontal channels and 1 new vertical channel to the website. All channels on the website are FREE! When selecting a channel, look for a layout that best fits your needs; the aspect ratio, the type of messages you plan to post, its color scheme, etc.

Before installing one of the new channels, ensure your Carousel software version is 6.3.5 or higher (To find the version: login to Front Door: Carousel: About). To avoid overwriting an existing channel, an available channel license is required (login to Front Door: Carousel: Configure: Channels: ‘X’ number of available channel licenses will appear). Tightrope will provide an additional channel license at no cost for those who want to implement a new design without overwriting existing content. If you need to upgrade your software and/or need an available channel license, please contact requesting a software upgrade key and/or an additional channel license. A knowledge based article is available if you need to re-license your Carousel system:

Instructions to install the channel can be found at Once the channel is installed, you will have a multi-zone channel layout with a seamless background, templates and icons in each zone.