Maximize Your Cablecast Investment with Carousel Local Digital Signage Options


On-air redundancy remains a key differentiating factor of our PEG channel solutions for community broadcasters.  The large majority of our Cablecast customers architect their playout workflows for automatic switchover to bulletin boards, driven by our Carousel digital signage solutions.  In fact, a number of our larger, multichannel community broadcast customers employ Carousel feeds for their supplemental channels, delivering 24/7 informational feeds to local audiences.

Suburban Community Channels leverages Carousel options in Cablecast for local digital signage needs.

One less explored opportunity is the ability to leverage Carousel for other community outreach opportunities.  Using the same networked architecture, Carousel can drive useful and compelling visual content to lobbies, board rooms and other display screens around the facility.  This is an excellent way to reach staff, visitors and other community members inside the facility.

Suburban Community Channels is one example of a community broadcaster taking advantage of this unique capability.  In addition to supporting transitional broadcast feeds, including bulletin boards between programs, Carousel delivers a bright and lively mix of rotating informational programming for visitors and employees inside its lobby areas.  This also provides an additional public-facing benefit for establishing community connections.

Learn more about how Suburban Community Channels is using Carousel and other Tightrope solutions in this Government Video article.


This post was contributed by Brian Galante of Dimension PR.