Let’s show the development team some love!

In completing Cablecast 5.1 our engineering team toiled in an environment of total sensory deprivation, devoid of any external stimuli until the software was completed, tested and released. Now they are hard at work on Cablecast 5.2, operating in a similarly restrictive environment.
We are hoping that you can help them out by sharing descriptions and/or photo’s of how you have implemented the Video Overlay function made available in Cablecast 5.1. It would warm their hearts to hear about or see how you use your background and foreground graphics, your crawls, your station bugs, and your bug text. Are they used for station branding? Series Branding? Program branding? Any cool images to share?
Yes, they are in fact engineers and developers, but even this sub-species, little understood though they are, have been known to receive tangible benefit from positive reinforcement.

So please, show them some love!