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Tightrope Media Systems introduces the Signage Experts Forum, a new webinar series that covers advanced options available to all Carousel Digital Signage users. Network with other end users, discuss content management workflows, and stay up to date on the latest software integrations. It is also an opportunity to get to know our signage team a bit better. After all, you’re a part of the Tightrope family and we are always here to help.

In the first Signage Experts Forum, we will discuss what is now possible with unlimited channels in Carousel. Tightrope’s recent signage pricing structure changes make it significantly easier for you think about achieving all your digital signage goals. Dream big by using digital signage to enhance your wayfinding, directory, and announcement needs, as well as an infinite amount of other content possibilities. Click here to register for this event on Tuesday, February 24th at 11am CST.

Get inspired, discover new possibilities and stay smart about the best way to maximize your signage investment in Carousel with the new Signage Experts Forum. Click here to email us if you would like to be notified about future events in this series.