Introducing ZEPLAY 3.0 Software and new ZEPLAY 2 x 2 Slow-Motion Instant Replay Server


Tightrope has just released version 3.0 of the ZEPLAY slow-motion instant replay server, the fastest replay server on earth. ZEPLAY 3.0 adds a number of operator-oriented features, because when it comes right down to it, it is all about the replay operator. Individual clip speeds across sequences have always been variable, allowing operators to show play highlights from one angle at full speed; and then show the culmination of the play in slow motion from a different angle. ZEPLAY users can now specify a default rate for the entire sequence, and then modify that speed from the T-Bar as the sequence plays out. ZEPLAY 3.0 also includes an enhanced audio capability to assist in editing the highlight sequences, as well as improvements in the storyboard and editing window layouts.

ZEPLAY Interface New Tightrope Media Systems introduces the ZEPLAY 3.0 upgrade with the ability to export both clips and highlight sequences in the background while still running replays.

ZEPLAY 3.0 also includes a new export feature that allows production staff to export entire multi-angle sequences as opposed to individual clips, making it easier to share engaging content – and game-changing moments – immediately in an edited sequence. Also, clip and sequence export happens in the background while the operator is still running replays and building new highlight sequences. And in case you missed it, ZEPLAY 2.1 added support for the import and export of Apple ProRes (LT).

We have also just introduced a new 2 in / 2 out version of ZEPLAY, the ZEPLAY 4220. It has the same great functionality, lower price point. The ZEPLAY 4220 is perfect for adding an additional 4 channels of replay to a ZEPLAY 4 x 4, and it is also at a price point that makes it affordable for high school sports, and PEG access facilities. The list price is just $33,000! And this means that for $33,000 your production truck or high school stadium can use the same instant replay server employed by NHL teams, NBA teams, and dozens of college sports programs.

For a complete list of ZEPLAY 3.0 improvements, please follow this link: