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It’s about time we finally gave our sprightly little mascot something to do. The Tightrope team is happy to announce the launch of Tighty.TV, a new state-of-the-art channel streaming 24 hours a day straight from the Tightrope World Headquarters and curated by Tighty. Tighty.TV will serve as a community media showcase highlighting quality local programming from all of our PEG friends and beyond! You can start submitting your favorite programs today and as a thank you for sharing, Tighty will send you your very own super awesome Tighty.TV T-shirt to make all your friends jealous. Don’t worry, they won’t stay mad after you tell them how they can get their own.

Tighty.TV live stream screen shot

Tighty.TV programming will be streaming live 24 hours a day and all content submissions will feature source accreditation overlays.


What’s our M.O., you ask? The goal of operating Tighty.TV is to put us in touch with every aspect of our customers’ daily programming workflow. We want to use our shared experiences to develop the most efficient and intuitive features possible for our products. Tighty uses what you use, no added bells and whistles, so we’re all on the same plane. In addition to operating Tighty.TV as a real-world test, Tighty also wants to show off all of your awesome content at trade shows and other Tightrope events because, let’s face it, your stuff is awesome and more people should see it.

Tighty.TV will only be as good as the content you send to Tighty, so send us your favorite material and get the all the satisfaction and acclaim that our throngs (literally dozens) of viewers can gush, plus the T-shirt. Submissions will be incorporated into the ongoing program schedule (check schedule listings here) and all sources will be attributed via the SX Server’s Video Overlay. Let Tighty give your best homegrown content the added exposure it deserves. Go ahead and get in on the ground floor of this newest venture today!

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