Introducing the PEG Experts Forum webinar series


At Tightrope, we already host many webinars and trainings to promote and explain our own products and services. That is just part of our commitment to providing superior support services to our customers and end users. But particularly for our customers and friends in public access, educational, and government television, we know that sometimes you need more specialized solutions to add to your current system (whether you are using Tightrope or not) and you don’t have a ton of staff time to allocate to researching them.

This is why Tightrope is now launching a new webinar series that focuses primarily on outside products and services we integrate with (that also integrate with other systems). The forum will help you learn how to expand your current system capacity, save time, and more often than not, save some money as well.

We have already completed the first installment of this new series with our friends at Open Media Foundation. In this first webinar, OMF’s Tony Shawcross and Gavin Dahl demonstrate their software service (this is open-source, but SAAS is recommended), Open Media Project – For Government, with Tightrope’s new VOD and Live Streaming service “Cablecast Reflect.”

Cablecast 5.3 plays content on mobile devices

Open Media Project – for Government provides advanced agenda indexing during video live streaming as well as search and web integration. Using Cablecast Reflect lets you serve your indexed videos to an unlimited amount of viewers and can be used with the OMP- For Government service to replace commercial services that are considerably more expensive.

There are two ways to engage with this new forum.  If you want to participate in the live webinars (and subsequent questions and answer sessions), email Michelle Alimoradi to be put on our registration announcement list. If you don’t want to participate live or it just doesn’t fit into your schedule to do so, you can bookmark the PEG Expert Forum playlist here and check out the latest recommendations on your own time. Also feel free to email us with your suggestions for the future PEG Forum topics!