International Weather And Micro Player Licensing Are Here With Carousel 6.2


Hi, Carousel Users!

Carousel 6.2 is out, so we just wanted to share some of the exciting new features with you:

International Weather
Dynamic weather has always been a major feature in Carousel, and back in 2009, we switched from the National Weather Service FTP site to WeatherBug RSS. The switch eliminated the need to open up the FTP port on the firewall, and made it possible to enter a zip code rather than selecting a state and county from the pulldown menu.

So now we’re making one more HUGE improvement: International Weather. This provides licensed weather content for all of our users across the entire globe! If you are using a web-browser enabled with location services (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), you can click “Find” to automatically locate your position. Also, supports international postal codes and Celsius temps.

Live TV Input
We added support for our new AverMedia video input card. And, now, each and every Carousel 310 model (Server, Solo, Player and Cablecast CG 310) is pre-installed with an AverMedia video input card that provides SD and HD video to the player using HDMI, component and composite. It is no longer an option; every new 310 model will include TV Input*.

Micro Player Licensing
Carousel 6.2 introduces a low cost “Micro Player” license for lightweight digital signage playback (no videos, crawls or transitions; cuts and fades only). The Micro Player software was built for Linux based machines and contains a simplified version of Carousel DisplayEngine. We have future plans to release a hardware and software package called the Snap Player (monitor, CPU and Micro License all in one), but the software version is available now.

New Performance Mode in the DisplayEngine
A new graphics mode recommended for systems that are video and Flash intensive. It was designed for standard bulletins to bypass the DirectX technology off the graphics card, and instead allocate more graphics resources to the other multimedia processes e.g. video and Flash. It also features a new ‘swoop up’ crawl that you will find clean and pretty.

More Flexibility with the Digital Clock
You’re probably thinking, “well, it’s about time!” You now have the ability to adjust the font size and reposition the digital clock within the Dynamic Clock Bulletin. So, now it doesn’t have to remain centered, and you’ll never have to worry about the time running off the background.

For Advanced Users and Programmers
We extended the Remote Data Adapter (RDA) command set to include more bulletin management activities. Section 21 in the Carousel 6.2 manual contains the entire list of XML commands.

Of course this release contains many more improvements including minor features and a few bug fixes. Check out Appendix N of the Carousel 6.2 manual for the complete set of release notes.

How To Obtain the Release
For those of you who have registered with us and A) are within your One Year Factory Warranty, or B) have a current Silver or Gold Assurance contract with us: please contact with:

  • Your name and organization
  • Your current software version


*TV Input is not available for the new 240 series