Great new features in Cablecast 5.2.0


Cablecast 5.2.0 is just around the corner. I’m very happy to finally share details on all of the great new features.

Completely redesigned VOD
We totally redesigned VOD from the ground up. The new VOD implementation is designed to be easier to setup, use, troubleshoot, and provide a better product for your viewers. VOD now supports all of codecs that the SX servers support. It now supports multi-reel shows, and obeys the Cue and Length fields from the show record too. We transcode everything to h.264 with AAC audio, so all major browsers, both desktop and mobile can play VOD files. We are very excited about the user-interface updates for VOD as well. Users will now be able to see exactly what is transcoding, with real-time status too.

Cablecast 5.2 VOD

The Cablecast Video On Demand interface

Redesigned Digital File Management
The Digital File Management system now looks and works just like the new Video On Demand system. This will make it much easier to locate the digital file you are looking for.

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