Fresh Squeezed Features in Cablecast 5.4


Cablecast 5.4 has been officially released! Enjoy more advanced channel branding options via newly added GPI triggers, more system control from within the Cablecast UI, advanced MPEG-2 compatibility and more!

Support for GPI Triggers 

Cablecast now supports GPI triggers. This allows you to add more customized branding to your channel including logo insertion, fades, squeeze backs, and more. An external switcher is needed for this functionality, but these triggers can call be controlled from within the Cablecast UI. Watch the video at the bottom of this post to see Cablecast developer Ray Tiley demonstrating this new feature.

Channel Squeeze Back Example

Cablecast 5.4 allows for GPI triggers that control channel squeeze backs

Improvements to SX Servers

Cablecast SX servers now have independent playback and record resolution options, which is particularly useful for stations that are HD ready, but are still broadcasting in SD. You can also now control your server’s Genlock timing. Skip ahead to this feature in Ray’s demonstration by using the log in the video description (look for ‘scrub by topic).


Cablecast UI Image

Control independent playback and recording resolutions with SX Servers - Click image to enlarge

Enhanced MPEG-2 Compatibility

Cablecast 5.4 brings you the ability to play back MPEG-2 transport stream files. This is a great feature for those coming from systems that record transport streams, such as Synergy Broadcast Systems.

IP control for LeitchRouterCM

You can now control your Leitch Terminal protocol switcher using IP, which is helpful for customers who don’t wish to use serial control.

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