Find Fresh New Features in Cablecast 5.3


Cablecast 5.3 has been officially released! A Cablecast 5.3 upgrade will bring you H.264 HLS live streaming to your Cablecast Live streaming appliance, it adds additional RAID monitoring and alerts, it adds  (AFD) to improve your on-air look, and much, much, more.

Mobile Friendly VOD

In Cablecast 5.3, your live streaming content is now more accessible than ever! Cablecast Live streaming has joined Cablecast VOD and has migrated from Windows Media to H.264. This means your audiences can now view all your live and VOD content on their mobile devices as well as desktops. This also means that station engineers can cleanly monitor playout on these same devices, as opposed to being tied to a desktop station. Thanks to exceptional bandwidth improvements and compatibility across more playout devices streaming in H.264 also allows broadcasters, including PEG channels, to deliver more streams at higher quality to more viewers.

Cablecast 5.3 plays content on mobile devices

Automatic Adaptive Formatting

HD or SD,  widescreen or fullscreen, with Cablecast, it’s no problem.  Your content will look better than ever with the new Active Format Description (AFD) in Cablecast 5.3. This new feature automatically and seamlessly presents your on-air content across 16:9 and 4:3 screens in the most attractive manner, without awkward cropping and reformatting. This also prevents our customers from needing expensive up, down, cross and aspect ratio conversion gear. That’s seamless savings!

Active Format Description Adjusts Content to Screen Size and Definition

Automatic Monitoring and Backups

Cablecast 5.3 adds built-in RAID monitoring that alerts you to issues directly from the User Interface – identifying issues before something potentially devastating can happen. RAID monitoring joins the automatic backup of the Cablecast database and configuration settings to the cloud which was added in the 5.2 Upgrade. Both of these features have been added to proactively protect against human error.

Monitor RAID and Drive Status From Cablecast 5.3 Web UI

Expanded Router and Blu-Ray control

Tightrope Media Systems is always adding to the list of routing switchers and devices that Cablecast can control. Cablecast 5.3 adds support for Snell/Pro-Bel and AJA -Kumo routers. Support for Denon DBT-3313UDCI Blu-ray Player was also added. This brings our list of compatible routers up to nearly 100 … and counting. Click here for the Cablecast Control Module reference document containing a full list of compatible hardware.

This continues our commitment to giving our customers a tighter overall workflow.
See our Cablecast 5.3 release update in GetSatisfaction for a complete list of feature updates.