Channel Branding/Video Overlay, A Silverlight Player, Increased Closed Captioning Support and More in Cablecast 5.1!


Cablecast 5.1 was recently released and with it comes a channel branding/video overlay capability for all new Cablecast SX video servers as well as existing Cablecast SX Video servers that run Windows 7 and are covered under either a Silver or Gold Assurance policy. Cablecast SX Video servers can now generate their own very high quality crawls, station bugs and bug text that a station can use while playing out its content. The font is selectable, the speed is selectable, and the video overlay also supports both background and foreground images. A station can run a crawl at the bottom of the screen, put a station bug in any corner, and put bug text in a different corner, all at the same time. While chewing gum. In a word, it looks great.

With 5.1 the SX2HD servers now support CEA-708 Closed Captioning. This essentially means that the Cablecast SX2HD supports all HD closed captioning formats, for decodes and encodes, including CEA-608 and CEA-608 in 708. The Cablecast SXLE, SX2, and SX4 support all standard definition closed captioning formats. The Cablecast SX2HD performs another nice trick, it will actually maintain closed captioning support in CEA-608 in 708 while it down-converts HD files for SD play-out and as it up-converts SD files for play-out on an HD channel. Clearly this is not your mother’s video server.

For viewers at home that use a Mac computer, the Cablecast public site now includes a Microsoft Silverlight player for VOD files. This allows VOD files to be to be viewed on a Mac and embedded in the Public Site. This is same player used by Netflix, so this gives Cablecast VOD files a larger potential audience.

Cablecast Video servers also added additional encoding support for DVCAM and DVCPro codecs as MOV files. In fact, Cablecast works with an incredible variety of file and format types including MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, QuickTime, AVI, WMV, DV, DVCPro, DVCPro HD, and ProRes (all the way up to ProRes HQ). And Cablecast will play any file type back-to-back with any other file type, saving transcoding time, and also eliminating the need for another server output to run programs back-to-back.

Also in Cablecast 5.1 is a feature we like to call file serenity, because Cablecast not only checks the validity of the file against all supported file types, it also plays several sections of each file to confirm compatibility and integrity.

You can check out the new features in Cablecast 5.1 in this video by Tightrope developer Ray Tiley:  Ray Tiley on Cablecast 5.1 with Channel Branding

Also, you can see the Video Overlay running in this Video from NAB featuring Tightrope Regional Sales Manager Pete Tufigno: Pete Tufigno on What’s New in Cablecast