Carousel powers Binghamton High School’s ‘Patriot TV’


Listening to the morning announcements is so last year. Why waste all that time in homeroom listening to the PA when you could be Snap Chatting your friends with a shot of your homeroom teacher’s ridiculous dog sweater. Oh, wait! When did they say the deadline was to sign up for the SAT?

At Binghamton High School, our Carousel signage software is giving the morning announcements a shove into the 21st Century with Patriot TV. PTV rotates all of the day’s announcements on digital displays throughout the school and streams them live on the school’s website.  So students never miss a beat…or a deadline.

Carousel’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for BHS students and staff to display their latest announcements quickly for broadcast and online streaming and even allows them to add in a little school spirit in the design.

Hear more from BHS students and staff about Patriot TV in this clip from WBGN News.