Carousel Driven Video Wall


Carousel Video Wall

We created quite the buzz this year at InfoComm 2013. Not only was our booth packed to the gills with new product advancements and channel designs, but we partnered with Mitsubishi to help create a 6 panel video wall that showed off their sleek, new 55″ monitors.

For inspiration, I went with the words they use to describe their monitors: “Brilliant, Colorful, Intense”. I created 5 scenarios, 3 of which represented Tightrope’s vertical markets (Food Service, Retail and Transit). I went with bold colors, high contrast and close up photography that show detail as well as gloss and high shine to show off the brilliance of the monitors.

One challenge was getting images to spread across multiple monitors. To do this, just double the width of your monitor (if you’re going across 2 monitors), cut the image in half, upload to each Carousel channel and you’re good to go. Another fun way to change up the look and feel would be to add a full screen video to one of the monitors. Something with just the right amount of motion would help grab people’s attention.

Our professional services team programmed the wall utilizing the zone synchronization feature native to Carousel. Transitions were carefully chosen for each monitor and although they are fairy simple ones, they were exactly what was needed to grab the attention of people passing by without going overboard. All this combined to help the monitors pop and create visual impact at the show. Click here to view a video of the wall as presented at InfoComm, it might give you some ideas about how a video wall could work for you.