Carousel 6.3 – Software Upgrade


Tightrope has released Carousel, 6.3, with exciting new features including H.264 streaming and internationalization support.

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Note: Carousel 6.3 is not compatible with Cablecast 5.0. Cablecast customers will need to wait for the upcoming Cablecast 5.1 release to upgrade to Carousel 6.3.

Carousel 6.3 is available to:
- Carousel 6.3.0 registered users
- Carousel users with a current Silver or Gold Assurance contract

If you would like to update your Carousel software and don’t meet these requirements, please contact your dealer or Tightrope Sales Rep about purchasing an assurance contract.

 New Features
1. Internationalization Support
- International Characters
- Date/Time formats

2. H.264 Streaming Support through RTP & RTSP
3. CAP Support – Common Alert Protocol
4. Quicklink for Carousel bulletin
5. Bulletin Reporting Added
6. Style Settings for Clock
7. Filters for Bulletin Lists
8. Seamless Weather Bulletin Backgrounds

Click here for a detailed list of Carousel New Features and Software fixes.