Carousel 6.2.1 is here


Hi Carousel Lovers! The Carousel 6.2.1 update is available TODAY and we wanted to let you know all about it.

Here are some of the notable bug fixes:

  • New weather graphics
  • Explicit proxy server configuration
  • Live TV support for Contemporary Research tuner via serial port
  • Better help documentation about location-based international weather
  • Improvements to RSS bulletins
    1. Better documentation about integrating alert systems
    2. Better handling of web pictures
  • Clone Tool
    1. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Clone Tool to delete the folder that contains the .csl file
    2. Fixed an issue that occasionally caused Clone Tool to load really slow
  • Background audio improvements
  • Bulletins will show a minimum display time for your reference when setting manual duration
  • A fix for Exchange EDS bulletins that were sometimes not rendering the description field

Of course there’s so much more! To read up on all the details of this release, check out the new Carousel 6.2.1 manual and look for Appendix P.

You know the drill — this maintenance release does not require a service contract if you already have Carousel 6.2. If you’re on an earlier version, then you’ll need to get a hold of us in sales at

If you do have the correct version, please visit our support page to request the update. Make sure you let us know what you have (model numbers) and the versions that you are on!