Carousel 6.1 Is Now Shipping!


We have released Carousel 6.1,  a major upgrade of our beloved digital signage system! Carousel now includes all of the major technologies that systems integrators need to tune signage systems with emergency notification systems, scheduling systems, regular and authenticated RSS feeds as well as custom data integrations.

Carousel display monitor with graphics that show what it integrates with

Carousel connects with your data and what interests you!

With Version 6.1 of Carousel, you can connect to more information sources, use it in new ways and generally do more of what you’ve come to know and love about the best digital signage solution out there!

[At least we think so. :) ]

Emergency Notification

The new NFPA-72 emergency alarm code requires visual as well as voice notification in structures serving 300 people or more. Carousel’s new alert zone feature can help you meet this requirement using your digital signage system.

Carousel showing a fire exit plan, not without humor.

Multiple full screen alert zones give you ultimate flexibility!

Users can now assign multiple alert zones, each with its own priority level, to any channel in Carousel. This allows emergency and other high-priority messages to take over single or multiple sections of each display. For example, a local administrator might use an alert zone to welcome a VIP on the signage in a building’s lobby, overriding the scheduled message. Should an emergency happen, authorized personnel might use a higher-priority zone to override that message on that one display, take over all the displays in the building, or take over displays in specific areas of the building. With the 6.1 release, everyone can use Carousel as they see fit, without compromising the systems ability to serve in an emergency.


Carousel was the first system on the market to truly integrate with meeting scheduling systems, allowing automated display of schedules on a network-wide, area-wide or room-by-room basis.

Now with Carousel 6.1, you can integrate your system with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and 2010, as well as CollegeNET’s Resource 25.

Authenticated RSS Feeds

Carousel has long supported RSS feeds, allowing users to add news, weather and other publically available information and display them as bulletins or crawls on their displays.

Now with authenticated RSS feed support, Carousel 6.1 allows you to display password-protected RSS feeds, such as stock analyst reports or other proprietary information.

Custom Integration

Carousel 6.1 includes enhancements to the Remote Data Adaptor API, which gives integrators the power to extend and integrate Carousel into just about any application. The New York and New Jersey Port Authority has already used these features to great effect by integrating Carousel into their train system, which directs roughly 2.9 million passengers yearly. In fact, they were recognized with the 2009 APEX award for their innovation! (Way to go Amber and Jeremy! :) )


Version 6.1 is available today on all new Carousel systems and is a no-charge upgrade for customers who have purchased Carousel within the last 12 months or have a Silver or Gold Assurance contract.

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About Carousel

For those who don’t know…

Carousel is a web centric, premise based digital signage system that scales from one inexpensive signage solution to hundreds of channels throughout multiple buildings. The system’s unique design focuses on zero-training message creation, data integration with the world’s most popular protocols and applications and a fantastic-looking display enhanced by over thirty free channel designs created by professional designers. Carousel is in use in thousands of businesses, government agencies, museums, hotels, public access centers, college campuses, schools and hospitals and was recently recognized as the second leading digital signage brand in Pro AV Magazine.