Carousel 6.1.1, holla!


We enter the new year with a bit of housekeeping and bug squashing. Today we are releasing Carousel 6.1.1.

The most exciting updates are:

  • Improved Date & Time overlay, giving you more freedom with its position.
  • Added a “Cancel” button to the Template Editor.
  • Display Engine now gets installed on Windows 7.
  • Interactive bulletins were timing out even with human interactivity. We fixed that.
  • Enterprise installations of Carousel now show .MP4 and .M4V files.
  • Maximum number of pages in an RSS feed has been increased from 100 to 1,000.
  • Numerous enhancements to Event Display System (EDS).

For more details, check out the release notes in Appendix N of the Carousel 6.1.1 User Manual.

Of course, we wouldn’t have features to enhance without your feedback. So, thank you very much for using Carousel and sending us your comments. We’re always looking to improve our products because we do love them so much. We hope you do too!

Where do I get the update?

This update does not require a service contract, if you already have Carousel 6.1. If you’re on an earlier version, then you’ll need to get a hold of us in sales at

If you do have the correct version, please visit our support page to request the update. Make sure you let us know what you have (model numbers) and the versions that you are on!