Cablecast 5.2.0 adds back-to-back playback on VDCP servers


We have been hard at work on Cablecast 5.2.0, and I wanted to share one cool new feature that we have added. Cablecast has supported VDCP servers for as long as I can remember, and we have lots of customers using them with great success. I’m happy to report that we spent some time further developing the VDCP implementation, and we now support true back-to-back playback on VDCP controlled servers as we already do on the Cablecast SX video servers.

The VDCP Control Module now supports a proper ‘Cue’ command, which allows us to cue files a few seconds before they are scheduled to play back. This also allows us to directly jump to any part of the file (The older VDCP CM implementation needed to play in real-time to cue, similar to a non-timecode VTR). We also updated Autopilot to properly handle back-to-back VDCP shows.

If there is anyone out there with a VDCP server that would be interested in helping us beta test this feature, please email us at Thanks!