ZEPLAY records four angles of action & plays them back through four dedicated HD/SD SDI video outputs. Built for speed, your operator won’t miss a frame of the action.

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Designed for speed, the 42-key controller gives you power at your fingertips. T-bar, jog/shuttle control, built-in crossfading switcher and independent angle control. Designed for eyes-up operation.

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ZEPLAY records and plays I-Frame only MPEG-2 video at 100mbps (HD) and 4:2:2 color space. Slow motion is always smooth with adjustable frame-blending.

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All inputs and outputs are front and center and available immediately with no backside. Replays ready to roll in a quarter of a second. A playbar to show you where you are in the game. Built in highlight editor. Sophisticated tagging system. Customizable. With ZEPLAY, one operator = twice the number of replays.

Built-in Mulit-Viewer Displays all 4 inputs and all 4 outputs on the screen simultaneously.

Play Bar ZEPLAY’s play bar gives you a graphical view of all of the plays so you always know where you’re at within the game.

Tagging Comprehensive tagging of all plays and angles for quick filtering and instant retrieval for playout and export.

Sequence Editor and Editing Window Trim your clips, adjust playout speed and drop into the sequence editor.

Customization Customize and save your layouts for a more optimized workflow.


With four outputs, the TD can see everything at once! If you need an extra hand or lack the router capacity, ZEPLAY’s operator can control the angle using the system’s built-in 4x1 switcher.

Give ZEPLAY tally and wire, its 12 GPIs and 16 GPOs, and you’ve got everything you need to automate it, using a macro system that is begging to be tied to your production switcher.

Any output can be controlled independently. Two angles can roll together for a split view while the other two channels wait at the start of the play for the next view.


ZEPLAY's sophisticated highlights editor allows you to trim your plays, arrange them in a timeline, toggle between angles, change speeds, perform split edits and dissolve between plays with a simple click of the button.

Export clips and sequences during the game while ZEPLAY is still running replays in either ZEPLAY’s native MPEG-2 I-Frame format or in DVCPROHD or ProRes(LT) formats. Go round-trip into AVID or Final Cut and back to ZEPLAY without transcoding.



For those who don’t require a four-in, four-out replay server, Tightrope introduces a new two-in, two-out version. You get all the same features as its big brother all enclosed in the same robust chassis. The 2x2 also makes a great companion to the 4x4 model, for those who wish to add additional inputs/outputs at nearly half the cost.

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ZEPLAY has been battle tested in college and pro sports all across the globe.

See how Professional Bull Riders, Georgia Tech, Florida Gators, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Time Warner Cable and many more use ZEPLAY for their in-stadium slo-mo replays.

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