Carousel Digital Signage

Carousel is an intelligent digital signage system that is designed with simplicity, security, scalability and economy in mind. Start with a single display and expand to nearly limitless channels of signage in multiple buildings.

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How it works

Making bulletins in Carousel is as easy as 1, 2, 3! To get started, simply choose from a wide variety of templates, type in your message, and schedule it. In seconds, your message will be displayed for everyone to see.

How It Works

Manage Content

Re-order your bulletins by dragging and dropping. Bulletins can be copied or moved between zones with ease, and if you need to make a change, bulletins can be easily updated.

Manage Content

Channels and Zones

Carousel has a multi-zone display, allowing you to display multitudes of information in an effortless and professional looking way. Just configure a channel, add your zones, and you're on your way!

Channels and Zones

Content Creation

Tightrope Creative has complete design elements for Carousel! Browse through a variety of styles and aspect ratios or get our team of professionals to design one for you from scratch. (Learn more...)

Creative Content

System Assurance

Protect your investment with a System Assurance contract.

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