8440SD / 8440HD

Multichannel Instant Replays

A play unfolds in seconds. The operator reacts instantly. That's why ZEPLAY brings all of the action to just one screen using a configurable multi-viewer. ZEPLAY offers a High Definition model as well as a Standard Definition model, which can later be field upgradeable to HD.

Zeplay 400 unit

Why use ZEPLAY?

ZEPLAY’s controller has everything the operator needs within easy reach, including marking and tagging clips, retrieving and playing them back, choosing the camera angle, and the ability to view the game's progress in an awesome visual tool called the play bar. Record and playback in broadcast quality I-Frame only MPEG-2 with bit rates of up to 100mbps. All of this power is encased in a 4RU chassis that is rugged enough for flypacks and mobile production use and includes redundant power and RAID5 content storage.

ZEPLAY 8440SD / 8440HD Specs

Dimensions: 7x19x20.5 inches
Weight: Approximately 70 lbs.
Power: 400 watt, redundant
Operating System: Windows 2008 Server, R2, 64bit
Storage: RAID 5 Content, RAID 1 system
Capacity (hours): 80/40 (SD/HD) per channel, 320/160 total
Codec: MPEG-2 I-Frame, 4:2:2, 50mbps SD,
100mbps HD (Record & Melt/Export)
DVPRO/50/HD (Melt/Export only)
Playback Speed: Within 10 frames from live action.
T-bar +/-200% with adjustable frame blending,
+/-64x with jog/shuttle.
Controller: Included, T-bar, jog/shuttle, 40 keys, RS-422 (CAT5) control, 4-Pin power supply included.
Monitoring: Multi-viewer, live inputs and outputs
GPI: 12 inputs + 4 dedicated tally inputs, 16 outputs, macro programmable
Inputs: 4 SDI with Embedded Audio, 4 2-channel AES/EBU, Optional HD-SDI
Outputs: 4 SDI with Embedded Audio, 4 2-channel AES/EBU, Optional HD-SDI
Video Formats: 480i/59.94 4:3/16:9, 576i/50 4:3/16:9,
Optional: 720p/59.94/50, 1080i/59.94/50
HD Upgradable: 8440SD: Yes-Field Upgradable
8440HD: Included
ZEPLAY diagram

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