Four Angles of Replay Ready to Air in 7 Frames. ZEPLAY features 8 channels (4 input and 4 output), displays simultaneously with no back-side. One operator, twice the number of instant replays. Download ZEPLAY Overview

ANY SPORT. ANY STADIUM. Introducing the New ZEPLAY - Four Angles of Replay Ready to Air in 7 Frames.


A single ZEPLAY unit can store up to 160 hours of HD footage (40 hours per channel), all enclosed in a 4RU, 21" deep chassis. Perfect for flypacks and mobile production. ZEPLAY also provides macro programmable GPI inputs and outputs, so you can run tally and easily integrate with your existing production system.

small ZEPLAY Unit

ZEPLAY Controller

The ZEPLAY controller features a t-bar that allows you to play a clip at +/-200% speed, and a jog/shuttle wheel with magnetic stops for a tactile control. All operations are available at your fingertips, which gives you the accuracy and speed you need when you're under pressure.

small ZEPLAY controller

ZEPLAY Interface

ZEPLAY's software interface allows you to customize and save your layouts for a more optimized workflow. Its multi-viewer displays all four inputs and outputs, simultaneously on the same monitor. The play bar is a graphical representation of the game's timeline. All plays can be tagged and stored in the play list for instant retrieval and playback.

small ZEPLAY interface

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