Cablecast Digital Broadcast

Drag and drop your programs and you have scheduled them for playout, promoted them on your bulletin board, published them to your website, sent your schedule to TV Guide, generated your programming reports, transcoded your files, and offered them live and on-demand on the web. Cablecast saves you time and money!
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Cablecast Broadcast Automation

Cablecast offers local cable channels, LPTV, digital sub channels and campuses of all types an affordable, yet sophisticated solution for station automation. Cablecast provides you with complete control of all of your playout devices. It controls your routing switcher, playout and encode decks, Carousel bulletin board, integrated channel branding, down stream key device and it helps you get the timing right with live events.

Cablecast SX Video Servers

Cablecast SX Video servers are built for performance. They are capable of encodes and decodes greater than 100 Mbps, and are available in RAID5 with redundant power, scaling up to 16TB of useable storage. Most importantly, Cablecast SX servers are multi-format playing back all the most widely used codecs, saving you valuable transcode time. They also feature up-conversion from SD to HD, down-conversion from HD to SD, and include built-in channel branding.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Search for shows directly from the schedule page and then just drag and drop them onto the schedule. Cablecast allows you to schedule years in advance. It has features that allow you to schedule series, copy blocks of programming day to day, and to schedule events that are not there. It even has keyboard macros to make scheduling even faster. In other words, you can schedule like you should be able to, right from your automation software.

VOD, Podcasting, Live Streaming

Cablecast also enables Video on Demand (VOD) and streaming over the Internet with Cablecast Pro with VOD, and Cablecast Live. As with all things Cablecast, the processes are all automated; you just check a box indicating that a file should be made available for VOD and it is automatically pulled over to the VOD server, transcoded, and a link is put on your schedule.

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